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Thursday, October 15

14:00 CET - Business Strategy Theatre - COVID and new last mile

14:00 CET - Business Strategy - COVID and new last mile

Ian Kerr
Founder and host
Postal Hub Podcast

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Marek Rozycki
Managing partner
Last Mile Experts

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Is post COVID capacity keeping you up at night? Are you worried that your business is not keeping up with the latest last mile trends? Does uncertainty about the new last mile give you the jitters? Marek Różycki and Ian Kerr (aka the Last Mile Prophets) draw upon their worldwide experience to share what ius arguably the fdefinitive view on the new, post COVID last mile. This will be an interactive seminar, and we will cover key last mile issues including: Latest last mile trends How COVID is accelerating last mile change Who is influencing customer behaviour and how Future consumer needs and expectations What the new last mile will be like?