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Monday, October 12

12:45 CET - From Physical to Digital Aggregator of Services: Engineering the Post Office of Tomorrow

Nicholas Manolis
Escher Group

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The increasing demand for digital services has given rise to enhanced online banking options, innovative solutions from fintech’s, digital government services, the advancement of smart cities around the world and more. At the same time, the need for a coordinated global effort to expand financial inclusion has never been greater. The desire by customers for vendors to provide quick and simple, anywhere, always-on service is clearly accelerating. What’s common about these trends is that postal operators around the world are uniquely positioned to take a leading role in areas such as these, benefiting customers, society, governments, and themselves. Join us for this enlightening presentation, as Escher CEO, Nick Manolis, lays out a compelling case for how Posts can position themselves as leaders in these areas. Through the transformative process of becoming a digital aggregator of services, Posts will discover how they can expand services, reach more customers, boost profitability, and improve customer experience in the process.