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Wednesday, October 14

14:00 CET - Delivery Solutions Theatre - Customer Experience as a Competitive Tool

With increasing competition in the delivery market and customers expecting on-time delivery to the correct address as standard, this session looks at how the customer experience of ordering and delivery can be turned into a differentiator for delivery companies and become a competitive advantage.


Graeme Lee
Senior partner
Sunflower Associates

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14:00 CET - Last-mile consumer flexibility

Petri Princis
Senior business developer

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This presentation will demonstrate how to use consumer apps to enhance delivery service and experience by letting the receiver choose where and when to receive their parcels or pick them up, or have a PUDO parcel delivered home. Let the consumer also have an uplifting live tracking experience.

14:20 CET - Delivery anxiety

Eduard Bockai

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Delivery anxiety holds back e-commerce growth. Human-to-human deliveries are expensive and uncertain. Uncertainty causes delivery anxiety, a major reason for not clicking the ‘buy now’ button. You can remove delivery anxiety by providing certainty and a ‘no action required’ delivery service at the customer’s doorstep.

14:40 CET - The Future of Customer Experience

Kevin Seller
VP of sales
Escher Group

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Today’s consumers are spoiled for options. They can easily jump to another brand after one poor experience. This makes earning and maintaining customer trust essential. But what is really driving this behaviour and what can Posts do about it. Join us for this presentation as Kevin Seller, VP, Sales at Escher helps Posts envision a dramatically enhanced customer experience of the very near future. A model where the entire customer journey is seamlessly connected, including physical and digital channels and it is customer behavior that is driving this change. Customer interactions with Posts at all touch points are quick, convenient, and intuitive. Kevin will also detail steps to make this vision a reality and help Posts turn this new approach into a sustainable competitive advantage.

15:05 CET - Panel Discussion