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Wednesday, October 14

14:00 CET - Business Strategy Theatre - Postal Operations

This session will look specifically at technology and approaches which have a direct impact on and which influence postal operations. Profitability, revenue and costs are the key talking points.


Derek Osborn
International postal and business coach

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14:00 CET - Marketing, CRM and direct mail after Covid-19

Martin Twellmeyer
optilyz GmbH

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Raphael Fässler
Investment associate
Swiss Post Ventures
CRM teams are gradually taking over the responsibility in organizations for direct mail budgets from print purchasers, and CRM itself is becoming more connected and performance-driven through marketing automation. Integrating direct mail into this CRM setup (e.g. into customer journeys) will be the key to success. One too many mass mailings will be a thing of the past; the future of direct mail will be targeting and hyperpersonalization. Consequently, postal service providers face the same challenge as printers that are losing their old contacts in organizations and often do not speak the marketing language of CRM managers.

14:20 CET - The dual strategy: How Posts can increase revenue while reducing costs

Wayne Haubner
Chief technology officer
Escher Group

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Posts carry enormous fixed costs. At first glance, they seem unavoidable since Posts need a robust infrastructure to meet the Universal Service Obligation (USO). In reality, there’s a way for Posts to not only cut costs, but increase revenue at the same time, too. Wayne Haubner, Escher’s Chief Technology Officer explains how Posts can move from a fixed cost model to a variable cost model, and from dwindling customer numbers to new revenue streams by using the right technology.

14:40 CET - The road to profitability: powering postal journeys for new revenue streams

Bobby Shome
Global account director

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The postal renaissance is underway globally and the key to survival is taking operations digital. The transformation was further accelerated by the pandemic when on-time deliveries became almost necessary. In such a scenario, postal companies have found a new but highly significant stature as nobody aces last mile connectivity as they do. However, to pivot into more profitable ventures such as home deliveries, it requires cutting edge technology capabilities. Attend the session to learn how FarEye enabled leading postal companies like Posti and Emirates Post venture into e-commerce and parcel delivery which has helped them get back their profitability track record.

15:05 CET Panel Discussion