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Thursday, October 15

09:00 CET - Logistics Ecosystem Theatre - Handling and Sorting

Posts and carriers around the world are looking for new ways to increase efficiency and value for mail and better manage the tsunami of parcels, all while providing real-time information and visibility. This session will review innovative sortation solutions including predictive analytics, security and control that enable posts and carriers to optimize their operations and deliver new services and greater value.


Graeme Lee
Senior partner
Sunflower Associates

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09:00 CET -Parcel intelligence - How to automate manual inspection and categorise inbound parcels.

Brian Hansen
Systems director
BEUMER Group - Logistic Systems

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Decision making is the core of any parcel handling sortation system and in large volume parcel operations it takes a lot of manpower to identify the few parcels that need special attention. So how can a parcel hub maintain high capacity in its automated system when handling when also handling limited quantities labels, polybags, non-machinable parcels etc.? In this webinar, BEUMER Group will explain how easily intelligence can be applied to the sortation system to be able to automatically categorise parcels. The presentation will showcase how to minimise manual handling in an automated process and how to protect revenue.

09:20 CET - Sorting Factory : an innovative combination of robotics technologies

Maurizio Puppo
Director of strategy and business development

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To sort growing flows of small e-commerce parcels to the finest level, SOLYSTIC designs ‘sorting factories’ that combine robotic induction, mobile robots and a new sorting equipment.

09:40 CET - The challenge of increasing requirements of material handling equipment in e-commerce and parcel handling operations

Louis Horeman
Global account manager - logistics

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The world-wide explosive growth of e-commerce is causing a real stir within the logistic chain. The entire chain of delivery, storage, single-item order picking and overnight-express delivery is leading to a considerable upscaling of capacity. E-commerce is characterized by a huge product variety, short lead time and high speeds. The AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor has been a huge success within the distribution branch for more than 20 years, for example, in package-delivery hubs. With band widths of up to 1200 mm and a completely sealed conveyor belt surface, it is suitable for almost any item imaginable.

10:00 CET - Efficient operations – innovations in e-commerce handling

Rainer Imm
Head of system integrator sales
Siemens Logistics GmbH
Today’s growing e-commerce business calls for changes in sorting equipment and processes economically. A growing number of parcels In all shapes and sizes, as well as varying volumes on a daily basis, are adding more and more complexity to sorting processes. Often therefore conventional processes are stretched to their limits. Innovative technologies are required to help disrupting operational norms and standards, making challenging concepts like ‘same-day delivery’ and ‘touchless processing’ the new reality and helping to redefine—and build—tomorrow’s logistics infrastructure. How can innovative hardware and software solutions help to provide more predictability, transparency and efficiency from end to end to meet these challenges?

10:25 CET - Panel Discussion