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Tuesday, October 13

14:00 CET - Logistics Ecosystem Theatre - E-commerce Logistics

E-commerce continues to grow strongly in all countries. How can postal and parcel companies exploit the opportunities and expand their services to provide solutions across the whole value chain? This session looks at some of the logistics challenges that specifically face e-commerce companies, such as accurate address verification, fraud and the volume of returns.


Samuel Gee
Program director
Parcel & Post Expo Conference

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14:00 CET - The times are a-changing: Transforming commerce returns

Al Gerrie
Co-founder and CEO
ZigZag Global

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Through a global network of warehouses and innovative return logistics software, ZigZag is on a mission to solve customer pain points with e-commerce returns. The company connects retailers to more than 200 warehouses and uses predictive analytics to provide the most cost-effective and energy-efficient route, to advise whether a retailer should hold and resell returns locally or bring them back via consolidation. Al Gerrie will share how ZigZag will continue to delight retailers and shoppers following major investment from shipping giant Maersk.

14:20 CET - Reaching customers, managing fraud

Matthew Furneaux
Head of strategy and innovation
Loqate | GBG plc

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Address capture and validation at checkout on e-commerce sites is vital to ensure a smooth customer experience, and to make sure that delivery operations can work efficiently and reach customers first time, at the correct location. Introducing trust into the transaction helps to reduce the instances of loss by performing real-time fraud checks at the address capture stage. Learn how Loqate is working with leading e-commerce businesses and carriers to manage risk, while making sure that address data is accurate and up-to-date – globally.

14:40 CET - Machine learning in e-commerce logistics: Drive greater efficiency and better customer experience

Dana von der Heide
Founder and CCO
Parcel Perform

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As the logistics industry continues to grow along with e-commerce, more radical growth can be found in another domain: data. In fact, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated each day and 90% of the world’s data was generated in just the last two years. The power of data will reshape the logistics and e-commerce industry. Parcel Perform will talk about how logistics data can enable smarter decisions with full visibility across all touchpoints in a supply chain, and how machine learning can transform the customer experience, empower predictive planning and drive greater efficiencies. Find out how you can ride the growth of big data and make full use of these opportunities for e-commerce logistics.

15:05 CET - Panel Discussion