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Wednesday, October 14

09:00 CET - Business Strategy Theatre - Digital Innovation

This session is aimed at those wishing to understand management best practice for change management and for managing complexity. Some presentations will draw on the experiences of the most recent and dramatic changes made necessary by the Covid crisis and others will look at the opportunities that change during the crisis may now provide.


Derek Osborn
International postal and business coach

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09:00 CET - The power of AI and machine learning for parcel processing

Dr Thomas Bayer
VP of digital postal/parcel
Siemens Logistics GmbH

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Thanks to e-commerce, parcel volumes have risen significantly in recent years, leading to increased loads in the network, in sorting and distribution centers, and in the last mile. The challenge of today’s operation is efficiency and maintaining service quality, particularly at peak times, while keeping costs down as much as possible to secure profitability and increase competitiveness. With today’s level of digitization, IoT connectivity is able to generate a huge amount of data – big data – which is the perfect basis for machine learning algorithms and AI to draw conclusions out of these big data sets more or less automatically. Use cases from different clients will be presented to demonstrate how machine learning and AI will lead to operational excellence in the parcel industry. Limitations of the technology will also be covered.

09:20 CET - Delivering effective transformation in the Covid-19 world

Frank Yu
Principal consultant
Pacific Consulting Group

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Covid-19 has accelerated the decline of letters and growth of e-commerce parcels, representing both a challenge and opportunity for postal businesses around the world. Operators must ramp-up their transformation timelines to successfully realize these opportunities, improve customer experience and lock in profitability. Postal operators can seize this unique opportunity to address complex legacy structural issues in order to transform their business and emerge from the pandemic with an optimized cost base and more efficient operations. Frank Yu will share frameworks and methodologies for approaching large-scale transformations, shaped by experience working with national postal operators and freight and logistics businesses.

09:40 CET - Reimagining the post: Building a digital service provider

Michailas Traubas
Solution architect

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Based on experience with Kyrgyz Post Office, Etronika is looking into digitization of post offices and addressing the demands for essential services beyond traditional roles of postal operators. Let’s see how the modern approach can transform the post office into digital services hubs and even digital marketplaces with physical presence and offerings in three essential areas: financial services, e-commerce facilitation and public services.

10:05 CET - Panel Discussion