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Tuesday, October 13

09:00 CET - Business Strategy Theatre - Responding to the Covid Crisis

This session will review various responses to the Covid-19 crisis, looking at how postal operators, courier and express companies, fulfillment and logistics companies, as well as companies involved in developing and implementing the latest technological solutions in automation and delivery, reacted to the situation. Speakers will explain how they changed their operations to serve their customers’ new demands, complied at short notice with stringent new workplace regulations and operated with peak level volumes and often many fewer staff. There will be ongoing effects of the crisis for the parcel and postal businesses on e-commerce, and on consumer behavior, expectation and demand. This session will not only feature presentations on these reactions, but afford the opportunity for discussion and analysis providing valuable insights for the future.


Derek Osborn
International postal and business coach

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09:00 CET - Covid-19: Strategic surprise or denial of reality? The keys to resilience of our organizations

Thierry Lafon
Crisis management/OSINT expert
La Poste

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A study based on data available in open-source had already predicted the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic by February 15. What lessons can be learned so that strategic decision making and crisis management integrate both these predictions and the innovations that were implemented in Asia very early?

09:20 CET - Delivery disruption and e-commerce innovation: Postal networks’ resilience in the time of Covid-19 and how postal business has revived

Jack Hamande
Executive board member
BIPT - Belgian Regulator for Postal and Telecom Services

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Postal services face challenges at times of disaster. In 2020, the world had to face Covid-19. Post is essential, but why? How did postal operators adapt to this pandemic? Which policies or regulatory decisions were made? How did innovation boost operational and services development?

09:40 CET - Covid-19 is changing consumer behavior, and retailers are finding creative ways to remain connected with their customers

Amine Khechfé
Chief strategy officer/co-founder

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Covid-19 has altered how the entire world transacts and trades. This presentation will touch on and present case studies on: how the adoption of modern software usage has accelerated tremendously during the pandemic, enabling retailers that were forced to shut down store fronts to sell online and over the phone; companies that shifted their entire business line; B2B shifts to B2C; and the elder population being forced to stay indoors yet still stay connected with their social groups and families.

10:05 CET - Panel Discussion

Melanie Abiger
Country manager