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Tuesday, October 13

09:00 CET - Logistics Ecosystem Theatre - Cross Border

As international e-commerce continues to grow so do the issues of cross-border mail and parcels. This session reviews some of the challenges and looks at some of the solutions that can be used for cross-border mail, parcels, and freight.


Helen Norman
Editor in chief
Parcel and Postal Technology International

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09:00 CET - Enabling cross-border transactions to every online store without the need of addresses

Santosh Gopal

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Cross-border transactions are set to grow at a phenomenal pace. The target for 2020 (US$994bn) is 20% growth for the year. Globally there are 943,000,000 online cross-border shoppers. However, several challenges limit growth. One such challenge is the limited ability to checkout from global online stores with local addresses – less than 1% of e-commerce stores have options to do checkout for global locations. There are also challenges in addressing formats, with more than 150 countries with their own address and ZIP code formats making validation of international addresses impossible. Then there is the issue of maintaining compliance on tax, customs and insurance, as well as the supply chain integration issues. This presentation will review a solution allowing one unique login for all global e-commerce stores, enabling every online store to support global e-commerce. The system eliminates the need to key in mailing addresses, increasing accuracy, minimizing fraud and providing 100% privacy for consumers, and also offers real-time tracking of every transaction and promotes new revenue streams for national postal careers. The solution follows strict compliance with UPU guidelines for customs, taxes and insurance controls, eliminating fraud and malpractice.

09:20 CET - Cognitive logistics for future cross-border exchange with the Cognitive Advisor tool

Dr Miha Cimperman
Jožef Stefan Institute

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Alen Kahvedžić
Project manager, cognitive logistics and expert specialist for innovations
Pošta Slovenije

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The Cognitive Adviser tool enables logistics operators, retailers and other stakeholders to collaborate more effectively, improve response rates and increase assets utilization in order to provide the maximum benefit and quality of deliveries to the end consumers. In detail, the Cognitive Advisor (CA) guides a responsible multimodal freight transport system, which helps Cognitive Logistics Objects (logistics objects are physical objects such as cargo, vehicles, etc; systems; and humans that participate in a logistics process) decide about next actions, forming social networks, communicating, helping each other and solving local problems. The CA takes into account variables such as business, environment and society. The result are proposals from CLOs to the actors (drivers, managers, etc) for more efficient, environmentally friendly and multimodal transportation deliveries.

09:40 CET - Dig deep: Exploiting data for cross-border compliance

JP Thorpe
Global director of business development – parcel solutions

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Globalization means a torrent of international postal data. Postal organizations are faced with the challenge of managing these new data streams and harnessing the knowledge within them. To remain competitive, the ability to manage and analyze data across multiple applications, directories and interfaces is essential for compliance with cross-border shipping. In this presentation, experts from BlueCrest will discuss these issues and provide useful insights and takeaway ideas to exploit the value of data and expand your reach.

10:05 CET - Panel Discussion