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Wednesday, October 14

09:00 CET - Delivery Solutions Theatre - Customer Experience as a Competitive Tool

With increasing competition in the delivery market, and customers expecting on-time delivery to the correct address as standard, this session looks at how the customer experience of ordering and delivery can be turned into a differentiator for delivery companies and become a competitive advantage.


Graeme Lee
Senior partner
Sunflower Associates

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09:00 CET - The most important metric in delivery

Michael Richmond
Chief commercial officer

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Carriers look at all sorts of metrics to examine performance, but what is the most important metric of them all? This presentation by Doddle examines how e-commerce is changing the way parcel carriers and postal organizations think about their delivery propositions and make suggestions about the defining metric of delivery over the next decade.

09:20 CET - Crowdsourced last-mile distribution

Michiel Nieuwkerk
Founder and CEO

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How can a last-mile crowdsourced delivery solution offer flexibility and growth and become a new trend in delivery? In the Netherlands, parties such as ViaTim already represent up to 15% of the service points for major carriers in the Netherlands. These networks grow at a rate of 15-30 new locations per week, allowing them to become the largest service point network in the Netherlands with less than two years. These locations are private households that act as traditional service points where you can ship and pick up parcels. They even act as microhubs from which parcels are delivered within the neighborhood. This reduces CO2 within urban areas by 74% and offers unique propositions like ‘Your parcel at your time’ at competitive market pricing. How can you set up such a social network? How can it affect your business if you don’t? What elements of your operation will benefit or need to be adjusted to adapt to a new reality that is coming? ViaTim will answer these questions and more.

09:45 CET - Panel Discussion